I love gear. Furthermore I love backpacks. Not sure why, but I always seem to be looking to buy a new one. How fitting my first Gear Review on the site would be of a backpack! The purpose of these “Gear Reviews” is two fold. 1, Some of you are always asking me what gear I use. Hopefully this will help a bit. 2, I’d like to help you understand what kind of gear goes in to adventures like my own and what I would recommend using if you were trying to set out on a similar trip.


I’ve used this pack on a few trips since purchasing. Each trip a little different and calling on the pack to scale to my needs. Easy day hikes..Peak bagging trips..alpine overnighters. It’s continued to impress me with just how much I can cram inside of it. The features on this pack was the reason it caught my attention. It seems perfectly equipped for what I need.


  • Stowaway rope/helmet holster on the lid of the pack
  • Dual ice axe/trekking pole holders
  • Removable crampon holster straps
  • Zip top main compartment
  • Swing-arm shoulder straps

The lid has two pockets. One on the outside and then a second on the inside, accessible once the zip-top is completely opened.

ergoACTIV suspension system.


The only annoyance that I’ve encountered so far is that when you have something secured with the helmet holster you are blocked from accessing the main compartment. This requires you to unhook the small buckles..in colder temps with gloves on this could be difficult. A smaller complaint I have with the pack is the lack of a pocket on the hip belt. I understand this is an alpine climbing pack and that the hip-belt is already occupied with webbing duties, but it wouldn’t be too much of a tasks to add a simple compartment for snacks or a phone.


Fabric: 5/5

Construction: 5/5

Features: 4/5

A hip-belt or shoulder strap compartment would be nice to have.

Comfort: 5/5

The swing-arm technology feels great. This is the only pack I’ve owned that feels better with the more weight you add. The fluid movement of the hip-belt and swing-arm shoulder straps is insane.